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Happn launches Audio Messages and one-minute Videos


Recently, Happn has introduced one more possibility for their users-audio messages. Now you will be able to share the one-minute video with the potential acquaintances and meet them closely than ever. (2 raters, 10 scores, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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Happn Powerful Campaign to Combat Violence against Women


Dating Happn app in partnership with the human rights organization (Equality Now) just launched a very strong campaign to fight violence against women. This is in honor of International Women’s Day. Apart from creating awareness for female survivors of both

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Dating Happn App Users is now One Million in the UK


Going by the report f the company behind Dating Happn app, this app now boasts 1 million users in the UK. This dating app was inaugurated in the United Kingdom in May 2014 and with Happn, people can see those they have

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Happn App Tricks and Tips

In the past year or thereabout, dating Happn app has got a lot of buzz. But many of us commit many online errors and mistakes on Happn app, just like some other available dating apps. How best can these pitfalls

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Dating Happn App Created Fake Profiles of Battered Women

Happn app is a dating app and in the news this time, it is sending a strong message to all its users. In order to create awareness to only how a lot of women are survivors of sexual and physical

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How to use HAPPN App


The latest addition to the list of apps is HAPPN. As per the report from the founder of this app, Didier Rappaport, this app secured the funding of approx. $8 million to get the underway and recently the downloads reached

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