How to use HAPPN App

How to use HAPPN App

The latest addition to the list of apps is HAPPN. As per the report from the founder of this app, Didier Rappaport, this app secured the funding of approx. $8 million to get the underway and recently the downloads reached to 2 million and around 700,000 active users are operational for this month. Around one-third users are there in London only. As per the verification from some of the users, this French app could be a dream of a stalker.

This app allows you to encounter people you have come across in the past or people with whom you queued for a tea or coffee. No doubt that this app will take the stalking to a completely new level.

Happn app uses a GPS System to connect different users who cross your paths within a range of 250-meter radius. So, you can check the availability of all people in that area and like or express your emotions to show your interest whoever comes your way. You can like or tap “Heart” symbol to express your views or interest in the person. If you receive “Heart symbol” in return, then your dating begins on this app. You can’t skip or push anyone to get attention rather you need to wait to get “heart” or send your “charm.” However, a few amount of fees is levied to the men interested in sending the charms.

There is a huge difference between the Happn app and other dating apps available in the software Industry. This Happn app uses a feature called hyper-location and works mainly in the real-time.

This app is instant and easy to use allowing more people to build a smoother connection with your profile.

You can find a lot of information about the people who come across you via Happn App. You can meet the new passersby and get the information about their age.  You can get to know about their profession, their current location, and the time you crossed each other.

This dating app attracts oddballs and blocks peoples or sends a report of any kind of foul play, and register officially file complaints. This app was basically designed keeping dating in view only.

This app rejuvenates the lost romance and spontaneity in your relation. You can easily meet someone special you have been waiting for a long time.

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