Dating Happn App Created Fake Profiles of Battered Women

Dating Happn App Created Fake Profiles of Battered Women

Happn app is a dating app and in the news this time, it is sending a strong message to all its users. In order to create awareness to only how a lot of women are survivors of sexual and physical abuse, Happn app has partnered with Equality Now in commemoration and honor of International Women‘s Day.

Going by the United Nations report, one in every three women all over the world there is a prey of some kind of sexual or physical violence. Dating Happn app will take account of models with contusions on their faces in every feed of impending matches of users, baring the profile name, just to take users back to the number women that suffer brutality.

The campaign is premeditated to make users think about how many women they know to be victims of abuse, due to the fact that Happn app matches users in more than 20 cities all over the globe with people they have met.

It was confirmed by the National Organization for Women that women between 20 and 24 years of age are at the greatest risk of nonfatal domestic violence, while women who are 24 years and below suffer from the highest rates of rape.

The American National women surpass any other race of victims of violence more than twice, while the African-American women are more frequently victims of household violence than white women.

Rappaport Didier who is the co-founder and CEO of Happn in a statement said that the campaign is intended to throw light to a problem that is so prevailing that it should not be very easy to ignore. This particular campaign will help users to make connection between ignored survivors of violence versus sic woman and all the rest of us who always pass them by o daily basis.

The joint campaign with Happn has now become a call to action and it is expected to yield a fruitful result in the long run, according to the global executive director of Equality Now in person of Yasmeen Hassan.

She mentioned in her statement that showing how serious is this issue will instigate everyone to make a gesture on their governments to put a stop to all forms of violence against women.

She also added that this campaign is not the only call to action. International Women’s Day is one avenue where governments all over the world should think about how their laws shock women, taking a serious look at any that brings about violence or the one that discriminates against women.

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